Matthew 2:10
Exceeding Great Joy

10 When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy.

I review, and meditate on the past – remembering the ways of God with me – even before I was saved, and know I am alive and well because of God’s grace – and I have exceeding great joy!

The Gospel lived before me by the saints of God, and the Gospel preached to me in small classes by faithful teachers; clearly spoken by those I know from week to week – does its quiet work in my soul. Then the passionate voices of those who are committed to the spread of the Gospel sounds and everything together leads me to faith in Christ – and I have exceeding great joy!

The gracious Holy Spirit guides and leads and lightens my life’s way before me. Paths unexpected open and I follow Him to places and people I would have never thought about. He opens my mouth to speak God’s Word and souls are saved by God’s amazing grace. I have exceeding great joy!

A New Year’s Day years ago – I meet her for the first time and one year later she becomes my wife. Surely our heavenly Father has brought us together. And by His gracious design He has given us two wonderful daughters and their families. We meet together and read, sing and pray together – and I have exceeding great joy!

I look out, and up, in the morning and wonder – “Is this the day my Lord will come?” It lifts my spirit to think that in the middle of some project or prayer, the next face I see will be that of the Lord Jesus Christ, with a welcoming look as the saints who wait with me, meet with those gone on before and gather to Him – with exceeding great joy!

“Father, when those wise men You guided to the Lord Jesus, saw Him for the first time, they had exceeding great joy. They were men of faith even as we who wait to see Him are. For every foretaste of glory and every blessing I have received, I give thanks – and wait to see His face with exceeding great joy. Amen.”

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