Matthew 2


v.1-2. Probably one or two years after Christ’s birth.

  • “Into the house” [v.11]; “two years” [v.16].
  • Herod: descendant of Esau (Edomite) a traditional enemy of Jews.
  • Wise men.
  • His star in the east.
  • Worship.

v.3. Heard; troubled; all Jerusalem upset rather than rejoicing.
v.4-6. Where Christ (Messiah) should be born.

  • Chief priests: the high priest and his family.
  • Scribes: experts in the law of Moses.
  • Bethlehem of Judea [Mic.5:2]; fulfilled prophecy.

v.7-8. What time the star appeared: deliberate intention to kill the Child.

  •  Search: to find Christ is not an accident.
  • Sent word: words can be used for good or bad.

v.9. Star they saw in the east.

  • The star reappeared and guided them: God guides His own.
  • Young child: not the Babe in the manger.

v.10. Exceeding great joy: what causes joy to those who are wise.
v.11. Young child… His mother. Whenever these are mentioned the child is mentioned first (v.13, 14, 20, 21)

  • “Fell down” : there are a number of times when this act is mentioned.
  • Worshipped Him:
  • Gifts: gold – deity, glory, perfections of His divine Person.
    Frankincense – perfections of His sinless life.
    Myrrh – the sufferings He would endure.

v.12. Warned of God: how God warns. No one who meets Christ with a sincere heart is ever the same again.

Satan tried to keep Christ from getting to the cross beginning with His birth.

v.13-14. An angel of the Lord: The journey to Egypt is a prophecy fulfilled.
v.15. Hosea 11:1.
v.16. Jesus is King by divine appointment.
v.17-18. Prophecy [Jer.31:15] Rachel represents the nation of Israel.

The ancestry and the birth of the King is in chapters 1 and 2. In chapter 3, John, the “forerunner” introduces the Christ.

Four Prophecies in Matthew 2:

  1.  Micah 5:2. Bethlehem: Micah’s prophecy centers around authority. He spoke against the false rulers of his time and saw the revelation of the coming of the true King. He was the prophet of law and authority and announced Christ’s coming. HOMAGE is given to the Ruler (Governor) as to kings. HATRED is shown against Him by Herod. Today, as then, some bring their gifts and others, in blindness and stupidity, move to destroy Him.
  2. Hosea 11:1. Egypt: Hosea’s message was concerning the failure and spiritual harlotry of Israel. It was the worst time of spiritual condition in Israel’s history. The first part of Hosea dealt with moral pollution and its cause. The second part of Hosea deals with pollution and its punishment. The third is a love song of the Lord in the light of God’s past love; the present condition of His people and His present love and the love of God yet to come. Now at last, the Hope of Israel is announced in the Person of this Child. EXILE – the Child went to Egypt. EXODUS – the Child-King bringing many out of the world.
  3. Jeremiah 31:15. Ramah: Jeremiah pronounces the doom of a dying nation with bitter tears. Jeremiah 30 – 33 is the heart of the book full of consolation, comfort and joy. Micah – the King has come; Hosea – the Exodus has come; Jeremiah – Rachel will cease weeping some day. SORROW and SONG,
  4. Isaiah 11:1; Jeremiah 33:15. Nazareth: A Branch would come out of the roots of the tree that had been cut off. Nazareth means “a sprout” or “a branch.” The green tree was cut down. Now a Branch grows up from that stump. MEANESS and MAJESTY.

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