Matthew 10

His Power to Delegate Authority. 9:35-11:1

v.35 Compare the wording with Mat.4:23. They are identical except for the word “Galilee” and “all the cities and villages.” His healing was to authenticate His Person – who He truly was.
v.36 “Compassion” – to feel sympathy, is only used in Matthew, Mark, and Luke.
“Fainted and scattered” – like sheep bothered by wolves; no one to guide and protect them; no spiritual guidance. The religious leaders were keeping them from the true Shepherd.
v.37 The harvest is ready and ripe. There is much to do and few to do it.
v.38 Ask God to send out additional workers to bring in the harvest that waits

v.1. 12 learners/followers/apprentices. These 12 men were designated as official representatives of the Lord Jesus Christ and were given authority to act and speak on His behalf. That is what made them “apostles” – specifically sent forth to represent and official.”
v.2.They are designated here as pairs and probably sent out in this fashion. Two sets of brothers are named – INFLUENCE.
v.3. Philip and Bartholomew (Nathanael) his friend – COMPANIONSHIP. Thomas and Matthew, Thomas a twin and Matthew refers to his past – CHANGE. James and Thaddaeus (Judas, son of James) – OBSCURITY DOESN’T LIMIT SERVICE.
v.4. Simon, the zealot and Judas Iscariot (probably named for his hometown) – one was a revolutionary, the other a schemer.

The appropriate message, 5-15
v.5. They were to limit their proclamation: it was not for those who were non-Jewish or half Jewish
v.6. Israel only was to hear the kingdom message because they were people God had covenanted Himself with.
v.7. Israel needed to accept her King – Hew was here. If Israel received Him, all nations would be blessed through Israel.
v.8. The miracles they performed would authenticate their message.
v.9. Keep it simple because you are not representing a business enterprise. You are the only equipment you need
v.10. Don’t go out and buy things for your journey. Use what you have. In Mark 6:8 the staffs they could take were their own. They were not to go out and buy new ones.
v.11. A “worthy” person would be one who would favorably respond to the message preached.
v.12. When you come to a house, be courteous in your greeting, be gentle in your conversation.
v.13. If you are not welcomed to a home or even a city, quietly withdraw. Don’t make a scene – just wipe off your shoes and be one your way.
v.14. Simple make it clear you are not going to make a big fuss; shrug your shoulders and move on.
v.15. Leave the judgment to the Lord who will deal with those who reject His message in a coming day.

The anticipated response, 16-23
v.16. The work they were given was hazardous. They were going to be like sheep running through a wolf pack. Be calm, don’t call attention to yourselves, be as shrewd and cunning as a snake and as inoffensive and harmless as a dove. Don’t forcibly oppose the enemy.
v.17. People won’t understand; will impugn your motives; will smear your reputation.
v.18. Don’t be upset when you are hauled before civil authorities. Just trust the Lord.
v.19. The judges provide you a public platform to speak for God and against what is wrong.
v.20. The Spirit of you Father is the Holy Spirit. He will supply your right words for you to speak.
v.21. When people realize you represent the Living God and not some idol that will make them feel good, they will turn on you – even some of your own family.
v.22. It is a great irony that when you are proclaiming God’s great and eternal love, you will experience a lot of hatred. This is often because righteousness condemns the unrighteousness they are involved in.
v.23. Don’t quit doing what God has called you to do. Don’t cave in under the pressure that will be put upon you. It will all be worth it in the end. We can’t guarantee success and we can’t measure success in spiritual matters. The Lord who is coming is the only One who can do that.

v.24. The Lord was not asking His disciples to do something He had not experienced. He anticipated how the disciples would be concerned and reminds them of their relationship to Him. He was the Teacher, He was the Master and they were the learners and servants. Discipleship means following the Master, not being superior to Him.
v.25. If men called the Master who was Head of the household, the lord of the flies, expect them to say the same of you who follow Him.
v.26. Three times they are told “Fear not” [v.26, 28, 31) those whose true motives will be revealed in the judgment.
v.27. The good news of the Gospel had been covered up but now it is to be loudly proclaimed out in the open. What the Lord tells us: “speak…hear…preach.” The 1st “Fear not.”
v.28. The 2nd “Fear not”: the rage of man is not to be feared because men can only kill that which is temporal, not eternal. We are to have a reverential fear of God, because He has the supreme authority. Fear of God keeps us from fear of men.
v.29. God keeps track of the most insignificant things because He is God and everything in the universe is in His space.
v.30-31. Hair is less in value than a sparrow and people are so much more valuable so we need not fear.
v.32. It is the most reasonable that the disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ confess Him before men. The reward of Him confessing us before the Father far outweighs the difficulties you might encounter in serving Him.
v.33. This is not the denial of failure but of habitual choice.

v.34. This is a figure of speech that is a result of His coming. He came to make peace through the cross work and to save the world. He cannot gloss over evil for the sake of harmony.
v.35-37. Some family members may be opposed, so we have to make a choice between Christ and family.
v.38. Love of one’s own life is more apt to turn us aside from commitment and love to Christ than even family opposition. To take up the cross, means we are willing to devote our lives to the Lord even unto death.
v.39. Love of Christ must overcome the instinct of self-preservation. Self-gratification really is a great waste of one’s own life.

v.40. Not everyone will refuse the message of the kingdom. Those who recognized the disciples as representatives of the Lord Jesus Christ are acknowledged as receiving Christ.
v.41. To receive a prophet’s message, is to receive the prophet and the one who sent the prophet. To receive a righteous man will receive a righteous man’s reward.
v.42. No kindness shown to a follower of Christ will go unnoticed. The Lord gives real dignity to those who represent Him and will reward him in a coming day.

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