Matthew 1:1
Legal Right

The book of the generation of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham.

The story unfolds of Messiah, the King.
History bears witness that it is He who will bring,
Peace to the earth that for long has been sought.
All of the plans of men will be brought to naught;
For it is He whose genealogy proves, He is the One –
The Messiah to reign, is David’s true son.

Abraham chose, when spoken to by God;
To turn from the idols when he knew he’d been called
To leave and walk by faith to a place far away;
And he acted in faith on what he heard God say.
“Get out of this country; leave your kindred behind.”
He left in faith not knowing what he’d find.

So from the line of that man God called His “friend;”
Came Jesus, the King; to bring finally an end
To the questions that arose from people who looked,
For a Savior-Messiah; and they heard at His birth,
From the angels of God that this One was He;
The prophets of old said the Messiah would be.

The child they called “Jesus” from David’s line was born.
It was Jesus the Savior, who God has given to reign
Over the nation of Israel, and all kingdoms of earth;
Will someday acknowledge the rights of His birth
Make Him unique among men, He is the One who is sinless;
And all evil will fall, under the rule of the “Righteous.”

For those of us now, who are looking ahead;
We know Him as Savior and the Living Head
Of the Church He has purchased with “blood of His own;”
And Emmanuel, God’s Son for us has once come
To put away sin when for us He has died;
When next He comes, we’ll be called to His side.

For the vantage point then as the Bride of the Lamb;
We will see His righteous rule, over every kingdom and land.
The once-despised King, will reign with His rod;
And those who despised Him will know then that God
Has stepped in to legally claim all that is His;
And finally earth will know the long-promised bliss.

“I live by faith Father, for I know that what has been promised, is as good as done. What a day of rejoicing it will be when the Lord Jesus Christ will be seen in all His glory and splendor and “Emmanuel” reigns; the Savior-King is there with His bride; and peace is finally on earth. What a beautiful way to begin the unfolding of “The New Testament (covenant).” Amen.”

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