A Dignified Unfolding of Christ as Befits the King

Old Testament prophets testified of Him but the carnal Jews of His day did not expect Messiah to come as He did.  They were looking for One with personal and national glory and power.  They wanted victory over the Gentiles but not a sacrifice.  The foundation of the kingdom of God is the cross.  This is not what the Jews wanted nor expected.

An overview of the book:

  1. Birth of the King, chapters 1-2.
  2. Fore-runner of the King, ch.3.
  3. Testing of the King, ch.4:1-11.
  4. Proclamation of the King, ch.4:12-25.
  5. Laws of the King, ch.5-7.
  6. Ministry of the King, ch.8-11:19.
  7. Rejection of the King, ch.11:20-20.
  8. Entry of the King, ch.21-25.
  9. Death and Resurrection of the King, ch.26-28.

The King’s genealogy, Chapter 1:1-17.
Royal genealogy: Abraham to David.
Legal genealogy: Not necessarily adjacent connection of father to so.  Note the word “begat” instead of “son of.”
From the promise to Abraham to Christ, Satan tried to break that line by:

  • Idolatry in Egypt and Canaan.
  • Bondage: Ishmael being born of Abraham and Hagar; Israel in Egypt.

“The seed of Abraham” is often referred to [Jn.8:33,39,41,44; Phil.3:5; 2Cor.11:13-15,22; Gal.3:7-8; Rom.4:16; Heb.2:16.


  1. THE KING AND HIS KINGDOM, 4:7-11:27
  3. THE CHURCH AND THE CROSS, 16:17-28:15


Some points to consider:

  • The Lord Jesus is the last in Jewish history whose descent from the royal line of David can be fully and clearly established.
  • Matthew was the writer.  It is only in his own Gospel that the despised name, “publican”, is associated with his apostolic name, Matthew (gift of God).  He recognized the grace of God to Him.
  • He modestly does not refer to the “great feast” he made when he was called to follow the Lord [Lu.5:29].  He must have been a man of means.
  • One characteristic word in Matthew is, “fulfilled.”
  • There are over 60 references to Old Testament writings fulfilled in Christ.
  • “Kingdom” is mentioned 55 times.  :Kingdom of heaven” 32 times.  “Son of David” 7 times.
  • The Gospel of the Kingdom was preached by Jesus and His disciples up to the time of the rejection and crucifixion of the Lord Jesus.

The five major discourses of the Lord are:

  1. The Teacher imparting His own character to His disciples [5-7:28].
  2. The Master revealing principles of Christian service [10-11:1].
  3. The King enlightening His subjects to the character of the dispensation [13:1-13:53].
  4. The Head enlightening the members to happy church relationship [18-19:1].
  5. The Judge calling His creatures into account when the age has run its course [24-26:1].


The witnesses to His right to the Kingship of the Kingdom:

  1. The witness of history [Mat.1:1].
  2. The witness of angels [Mat.1:20].
  3. The witness of creation (star) [Mat.2:2].
  4. The witness of scripture [Mat.2:23].
  5. The witness of John [Mat.3:11}.
  6. The witness of the Father [Mat.3:17].
  7. The witness of the Holy Spirit [Mat.4:1].


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