Ephesians 6:7
Your Master

7 With good will doing service, as to the Lord, and not to men:

He is above all the others, He is higher than the high.
Even though He’s absent, yet He is ever nigh.
You do not see His shadow, but He watches every choice;
You will never hear Him speak but He always hears your voice.
You have so many others doing what you tell them to;
But remember that your Master can tell you what to do.
It is not enough to know what you want from hired men;
You are obligated to be fair and also care for them.

It’s true you are responsible to do the best you can,
Because the things you do represent you as a man.
However, just remember those who actually do the work,
Also have a stake in this even when they shirk.
So when it’s necessary to correct them and also to instruct;
Don’t be too hard on them because the Master hears your talk.
Just like He did, use the pressure of your words;
He did the same with Peter, who repented to the Lord.

It is a consideration to think upon just now;
You hold the lives of others to direct them as you will.
When you set before them the tasks that you expect;
Give to those who labor, proper due respect.
Give to them the courtesy of knowing they have minds;
And let them show initiative in the work that they shall find.
Encourage servants in your trust to give their work the best;
And when they go to sleep at night they each will have real rest.

Your Master up in heaven knows the purpose of each one;
His plans for masters and for servants may not by you be known.
But please do all consider whether boss or employee;
The Lord Himself will honor what He alone can see.
He does not respect one person because of what they do;
His estimate of value goes deep into the soul.
Let dignity and worth be extended to each one;
For God alone can estimate what each for Him has done.

“O Lord and Master who knows the motives of each person whether employer or employee: give each of us who have the privilege of work, the satisfaction and motivation of doing what we do for You and Your glory. Amen.”

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