Ephesians 6:13
Able to Withstand

13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

In every sphere of Christian life there needs to be that security of separation from the world that is typified by the “Gospel of peace.” There is something about the good news of salvation that identifies a child of God as a person who stands firm in spite of evil all around. This is not a person who is lazy, lying on a bed relaxing with his shoes off. This piece of armor indicates a person is ready to go forward in faith in spite of the difficult situations through which we have to pass. The uneven ground underfoot does not stop one whose feet are properly shod. Readiness and firmness are not too dramatic but are necessary when one is in the fight to preserve their home. Faith is linked with that too. Whether standing in defense or going forward, both the Gospel and faith are essential. There will always be the darts of doubt, temptation, scorn and abuse of one kind or another. Probably one of the most challenging darts is verbal abuse. When goodness and helpfulness is repaid with complaints and animosity, those darts can seriously injure one who has let the shield of faith drop for even a moment. Darts come thick and fast like bullets looking for a place to get past the armor. In spite of what happens around us, we must remain firmly confident in God. A living trust in the promises and power of God helps us personally, and when linked with the faith of others around us, actually can form a protective wall of safety. That is keeping the unity of the faith. Those fiery darts can catch fire in the inner man. In faith we must rely on God and stand firm.

The armor of God is to make so small,
Any danger points so that any or all
The dangerous tools of the foe we face;
Will find no way, or mark or place,
To wound the soldier in this earthly race.
It is in his best interest to keep the pace;
Lest, if for some reason will he turn and fall,
From the fiery darts of the evil foe.

It is not enough to take on one piece,
And think that will do then to make to cease,
The attacks of the devil who wants to take down,
All those who strive for the heavenly crown.
The armor of God is available to me;
I must take at once the whole panoply,
In order to stand, even when alone;
I must take to myself each and every one.

The reason for the armor is attacks will come;
There is no question there, before we reach home,
The enemy will, with implacable hate;
Attack again, either early or late
In life to fight. He will use his might;
To turn us away from the Truth and the Life.
The armor of God and the sword in our hand;
Will enable us each having done all, to stand.

Withstanding doesn’t mean that we acquiesce,
When the battle around and before us does press
Against us with temptations strong;
And the forces of evil try to make us do wrong.
It means that each one must rise and resist;
Against the pressures that always persist,
When we seek to do His will more fully;
We must have on and in place the complete panoply.

Evil days are here we do not have to wait;
To see if times worsen with each passing day.
It is enough that the armor we don;
Is complete and sufficient when we have it put on.
To withstand is essential wherever we turn;
There are tactics of battle that we all must learn,
If we are to be victorious, let each one of us take,
The whole armor of God and not hesitate.

“The adversary is near, O God, I can sense him sometimes, and almost feel him at others. The “wiles” make it hard at times, to discern the enemy’s presence. When he roars, we can hear and stand; when he lies, we can test it with truth; but these “wiles” are so reasonable that we almost think they are okay. I thank You for this armor. It works well and it also fits perfectly. Amen.”

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