Ephesians 6:11

11 Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

Artful deception from a mind so depraved,
As to never stop trying to recapture the slave
Who has known the great freedom that God freely gave,
When the cross work accomplished, our souls He then saved.
Persuasive and subtle, not overt and brave;
With determined attention to bring to the grave,
The faithful who to know the Father who gave;
All that He had that each one may live.

Wiles are trickery that the devil will use;
He has used it before that men’s souls they will lose.
When such guile is used, each person will choose;
Will he or she arm themselves with what has been proved?
Or will they think that the danger so close,
Is not all that serious because it is making no noise.
Snares of the devil has sometimes caught those;
Who thought they were safe when at life’s final close.

But the armor is here to take on at once,
And face to the foe all the tests that are tough.
The armor is full and you can fully trust;
Every part that He gives when the going gets rough.
When each piece is in place, the warrior must;
Stand without fear facing each enemy thrust.
The armor will work, it comes from above;
God has it here for each one to prove.

Wiles will come as long as we’re here;
So it is this armor of God that each soldier must wear.
The work of persuasion the devil will dare –
To continue to press on us year after year.
So stand with the armor God has given to you there;
For you to put on and for all that do care.
And you will find, beside you to share;
Is the One who on Calvary won the battle right there.

“Heavenly Father, here in the place of the curse caused by man’s sin, we face the first enemy again and again. It seems like the battlefield is an unusual place to have peace within, but it is true. With the armor of God in place and the assurance of the presence of the Father, Son and Spirit; we can move into the arena and resist the devil with confidence in our God. How blessed is this special peace. Amen.”

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