Ephesians 6:1
This is Right

1 Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right.

When you are home, it is important to know;
Your parents are responsible wherever you go.
You are their child; they really do care,
Even though rules may to you seem unfair.
The reason parents in the Lord make a point to correct;
Is that God gave them you as a life to direct –
For you came from God as a heritage to them,
And they do what they do, ‘cause you belong to Him.

To obey what they say and do what they ask,
May not make you happy even if it’s a hard task.
But give them the credit of doing what is right,
And maybe later on you’ll see in their light.
They look down the road of experiences they’ve had;
They learned just like you, from their mom and dad.
As life goes on by and all that we learn,
Will finally make sense when respect you have earned.

The main thing to see as we follow their word;
Is that they have your life to direct in the Lord.
The word “obey,” means to your parents “give ear;”
Do what you are told when you’re under their care.
Some day, to Him they will have to report;
And say in plain words what they did for the Lord.
When it came to your life, they will want to tell Him,
The choices they made were that you might not sin.

For a choice to be “right” it means that naturally,
Each decision they made would help you spiritually.
A thing is “right” when it fits you to live,
A life that has meaning to each effort you give.
To overlook the facts of the spirit and soul,
Would be a danger to you because it misses the goal
Of pleasing the Lord your parents want you to know;
And serve Him with grace and His truth you will show.

“Father of families, Giver of children to parents who need to learn: give to this grandfather and his family a sense of the important of the rightness of obedience, whether it be on the part of the children and grandchildren, or parents and grandparents. May we all submit to what is right.” Amen.”

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