Ephesians 5:17

17 Wherefore be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is.

Like the clearness of a ringing bell across the fields and trees and hills;
The message is made known to me and others just like me, who wait – still,
Unmoving, until deep within the wisdom that God provides; not shrill,
But loud enough to be heard by all who care and pray and wait until
All together, we sound across the universe – “This is God’s will!”
Walk in unity!

Around, on every hand there come the tensions and temptations strong;
“Everyone does it this way; if everyone does it like this, it can’t be wrong.”
So there with craft, and here beside me, with subtle words that sounds like song;
There comes the noise, the sight, the music, the sound of a great marching throng;
Attractive, but not right. So, committed but different, though years ahead be long –
Walk in purity!

A new life now begins with plans and purposes towards me from God above;
And I am born to live a way that doesn’t always have me at the fore because
I am a child of His. I live, but like my Father and His Son; there is inside – love.
Love, that finds its origin in Him, and comes to me; shed like light inside – the cause
Love from Him to me and back again – He gave His life for me upon the cross.
Walk in love!

That light that shines amidst the darkness all around, ignited first by heavenly light;
Illumines things that line up all around my attention to consume: attractive sight.
But backlit by wisdom from above implanted in my soul from Him who conquered night,
Unfruitful works of darkness with their shame and binding chains; make clear the plight
Of any who will follow that shameful road; and I take the road that’s lit by truth so bright
Walk in the light!

Even on this road of righteousness and truth combined along with many more in family;
I find that there are reasons to take care that each step made is laid down most wisely.
The days are bad, never to regain a righteousness that once seemed came more naturally.
It is not without consideration as time passes, that there are ways I could live more easily.
The attraction is there to settle back as age approaches and claim a status superficially.
Walk circumspectly!

However, I am not alone in life; there are others here and many more around,
Each a traveler on this road of life I tread, and moving now, we step across this ground
Called Beulah, toward the goal of fellowship complete. Till then, this wife I’ve found
And I walk together, and children, grandchildren and maybe “great”; the sound
Of joy and harmony so sweet, along with those we work with, and sit down.
Walk in harmony!

It is not unknown, that those who onetime walked in all these ways with God,
And with wisdom from Him, made choices that were right and good and sound;
Fell prey to wiles from a foe implacable, and deep and dark – they fell unto the ground;
Not lost, but defeated; because the armor on seemed heavy, and commitment to the Word
Was more than they wanted to pay – But NO, stand up, be faithful to the Lord!
Walk in victory!

“O God all-wise and all-knowing: the wisdom that I seek to claim that I might understand Thy will in every act of life; seems often to escape my attention. I need the carefully walk and the proper use of time that I am called to do. I extend my hand of need and trust to lay hold on what is here provided by Thy grace. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.”

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