Ephesians 4:13

13 Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ:

So many parts, so many pieces, so many differences and yet each one unified;
So many functions, so many colors, so many sizes and yet each one qualified;
So many places, so many sounds, so many ages and yet each one identified;
So many years, so many cities, so many nations and each one purified;
From all the Body parts comes one great whole, and God is satisfied.

From the faith of Abel, who in ancient past brought God his offering of worship;
From the walk of Enoch who in harmony and step by step did own God’s Lordship;
From the faith of Abraham who believed God’s word; and enjoyed God’s Friendship;
From the sound of Sarah’s laughter, waiting all those years, comes truth of Headship
From all these ancient ones of faith, and trust, and hope; we learn the truth of sonship.

From the sound of the Baby’s voice in Bethlehem-town’s far distant manger;
From the splash of baptism in Jordan’s water, there comes the Stranger;
From the healing words, the blessing hands, the wet feet walking over danger;
From sermons strong and clear, the deeds of kindness, the Father’s joy, men’s words of hateful anger;
From all these evidences comes knowledge clear, and challenging; He is my Savior.

All these and more, thus put together in one great, magnificent, God-breathed whole;
All put together tell us truth that in the past was darkness, mysterious, but to my soul
And that of all the Body parts: brings light, and understanding, truth does now unfold;
We are all one, Christ is the head, we are the members; the Body grows, strong and tall;
Its size increases with each passing day; perfection nears, the time is near, the Body soon is full.

“It must seem wonderful Father, to see the plans You made so long before the world; now coming to completion. For me, to look around and see the world in danger on every side, and see the saints getting cold, I’m really anxious for that day to come when the Body is complete. I guess what I see is such a small part of the whole picture that there is no point of me getting restless and hoping this is “the day.” When the Body is “a perfect man”, I will be thrilled, but more, when the stature of the fullness of Christ is seen, that will be glory, Amen.”

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