Ephesians 3:16
The Inner Man

16 That he would grant you, according to the riches of his glory, to be strengthened with might by his Spirit in the inner man;

Established long ago by words from others close and far,
Modeled in the duties of life and home and necessities to be provided;
Thoughts, ideas brought together by words and mixed with a sense of duty –
Values: once belonged to others; taught and learned now become part of the inner man.

The privilege of work, and how and why and what, starts to form a framework;
A way to live with meaning; honorable and visible to others by consistency;
A trust is built: instead of distancing, people draw near and are glad to see you –
Ethics: based on the evidence seen and obvious now becomes part of the inner man.

Responses seen and heard accompany the transfer of services and goods and gifts;
Facial expressions accompany the sound of voices mixed; some quiet with emotion,
Others loud with exhilaration and enthusiasm, and transferred from one to another is –
Attitude: both seen and heard by body language, words and deeds are part of the inner man.

In the face and timber of the voice; observable by those who can discriminate;
It is in the walk, the posture of the body; in the way the head is held and eyes are used;
When pressure comes that seems to challenge the order of things and emotions rise –
Dignity: the honor and self-respect that maintains a calmness, is part of the inner man.

Coming towards you it becomes evident in the eyes and hands and the tilt of the head;
The tone of voice, the pressure of one hand upon another, the unwavering look;
Aware of what is around and right, understanding the right or wrong of a situation –
Respect: whether one is sorrowing or rejoicing, rich or poor – it is part of the inner man.

Acts that are done whether by those who are old or young, the evidence is there;
Able to look beyond the obvious, to the reasons that may seem insignificant at first;
A willingness to acknowledge attempts that are feeble or great; easily touched –
Appreciation: the touch of the hand, a smile, a tear, a look that stays, is part of the inner man.

Thankfulness that is not trivial; a quiet hymn sung to one’s self alone or to God;
Gracious words and a graceful life; sympathy and empathy; tenderness and strength;
Crossing over from self-interest to genuine consideration and concern for others –
The Spirit: working constantly and effectively is strengthening the inner man.

“I am not able, O God of all grace; to define all that is involved in the inner man. But I know what it is like when things are right and strong and Spirit-led. I know what it like when the Spirit has filled and strengthened the inner man – and I want that to be the normal in my life. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.”

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