Ephesians 2:19

19 Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellowcitizens with the saints, and of the household of God;

A remarkable thing has happened; the dead have come to life.
What was once an empty darkness; has now become a brilliant light.
Where once there was nothing useful; now has come a moving sight.
A battlefield of enemies, that now has no need to fight.

A wall of demarcation that was formed by rules of men;
Has now been dropped by God, when the grace of God came in.
He has changed the basic nature of those who lived in sin;
They now are all very different; not like what they once had been.

God in His great mercy, loved us unequivocally.
He sent the dear Lord Jesus, who died on Calvary.
By death He slew the powers, that had bound us helplessly,
And by grace through faith delivered, all who trust Him totally.

Now because of work divine, we are now His workmanship,
Instead of being enemies, we enjoy sweet fellowship.
Though different in walk and life, we have new citizenship,
And the life of saints as one, is one in companionship.

The barriers of racial hate, and of prejudice so deep;
Has been replaced, by the law of grace, that changes life complete.
The selfishness that once did rule, is gone, we give what we could keep.
Our joy now comes when we share our life, and God gives to us His peace.

Our life is now involved, with those in God’s family.
It makes no difference where they live, and what their job might be.
What really counts, is the life we share, the fact that all are free
To do and be what our Father wants; there’s now no enmity.

We are made to fit in the Body, by the power of God divine.
We are made to fit with others, built into His temple so fine.
With this house we are part of, the character of God does shine.
In this heavenly place we are seated, and will be past the end of time.

“It is with delight, Father; that I have met with brothers and sisters in many places and find that we are truly one in Christ. Barriers removed because of Thy grace, has opened up so many doors of sweet fellowship. I find, with those that I can’t even speak to because of language barriers; I can still express with facial expressions, touch and just the act of trying to communicate, that it means a lot to this family I am a part of. I worship at the mystery of the Church being revealed. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.”

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