Ephesians 1:6

To the praise of the glory of his grace, wherein he hath made us accepted in the beloved.

Is it really possible for me to “be to the praise of the glory of His grace?” What is it that could actually demonstrate the grace of God from my personality, lifestyle and reactions to the circumstances of life? God does not issue impossible commands, and the grace He has freely given us in Christ means that He has accepted us in Christ, though we in no way deserve such grace. We belong to His beloved Son and that makes it possible for us to be and do what is His desire for us. The inner man out of which flows the character of the person who is visible to the world, marks me, hopefully by demonstrating grace. My Christian character is being formed daily by the choices I make and the things I take in.

Honesty is a character trait that makes it possible for me to be to the praise of God’s glorious grace. A reliable, dependable, trusted person who has a good record for telling the truth is such a person. One who habitually tells the truth is able to be believed when speaking for God. So is one who has the attitude of gratitude. When we are able to show appreciation to God, that is an incentive on the part of others to seek the Lord. Humility toward God and man turns praise to the Lord and others rather than to one’s self. A peaceful person who is committed to obedience to God and steadily perseveres in life toward God-directed goals, promotes praise for God’s grace.

Our attitude toward other people is a testimony to God’s grace. Friendliness, controlled kindness that is not an affectation is a demonstration of God’s grace through us. Forgiveness toward others, accepting responsibility and being accountable to God and those who are around me are acts of grace. Encouraging others and coming alongside when there is a need we can meet shows the value of God’s grace imparted and implanted in a believer. Compassion, sympathy and love is evidence that God’s grace can be seen in ways that people easily understand. Often our presence is needed more than our words or quotations from scripture can be. A listening ear or an hour of one’s valuable time is a demonstration of grace that is often the best thing one can do.

Our personal conduct and Christ-like attitude isn’t something we try harder to get. It is evidence of God’s glorious grace when God is working in us and we are cooperating with God. This inner character is not all that hard to see when we learn patience in unfavorable circumstances. Inner serenity is based on confidence in God. Self-control is an evidence of grace when one brings into custody one’s own spirit, soul and body in obedience to Christ. When we see confidence in one who is facing obstacles with the belief that God is giving all one needs to live successfully for Him – that is evidence of God’s grace. Purity of life, fairness toward others, enthusiasm in what I am called to do, are all appropriate attitudes that make it possible for me to be “to the praise of the glory of His grace.”

“Father, may this day give me opportunities to be to the praise of Thy glorious grace. If there are ways or words I can use that will in some measure glorify Thee, I would delight in being able to do them or say them. If it is possible that the thoughts Thou dost give me to pass on to the people tonight can bless them, I will be very satisfied if it honors Thee. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.”

“Accepted in the Beloved,” how welcome those words are to me!
“Accepted in the Beloved,” both now, and for eternity!
“Accepted in the Beloved,” not because of any virtue of my own.
“Accepted in the Beloved,” by virtue of my Lord Jesus alone!

“Accepted in the Beloved,” these words testify to God’s grace.
“Accepted in the Beloved,” seated in the children’s place.
“Accepted in the Beloved,” in Him whose worth is supreme.
“Accepted in the Beloved,” in spite of where I should have been.

“Accepted in the Beloved,” no wonder we lift voices to praise.
“Accepted in the Beloved,” unspoken thoughts to our God we raise.
“Accepted in the Beloved,” how can we such an One describe!
“Accepted in the Beloved,” before God we stand at His side.

“Accepted in the Beloved,” our worship and our praise we bring.
“Accepted in the Beloved,” let our voices in great harmony sing.
“Accepted in the Beloved,” every one who is redeemed by God’s grace.
“Accepted in the Beloved,” a solid fact we can claim by faith.

“Accepted in the Beloved,” a blessed comfort when we are alone.
“Accepted in the Beloved,” it gives courage as we travel home.
Accepted in the Beloved,” even when we’re rejected by men.
“Accepted in the Beloved,” these words give us needed strength then.

“Accepted in the Beloved,” this is all God’s work, not mine.
“Accepted in the Beloved,” what reasons for praise in these words I find.
“Accepted in the Beloved,” in worship the glory of God’s grace I’ll praise.
“Accepted in the Beloved,” this is my confidence throughout eternal days.

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